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Opportunity to Study in Laboratory

Opportunity to Study in Laboratory of Rural Planning

There are several opportunities for international students/scholars to study in Laboratory of Rural Planning. We are concerned about research ability of applicants as well as diversity of international students in terms of their nationality and background. Due to the limited office, only a few research students will be accepted every year. Government-sponsored international students will be considered an advantage under such constraints. If you wish to study in our laboratory, please first contact Dr. Onitsuka to inform him of your:

For Graduate Students (master' and doctor's program)

If you wish to study in our laboratory as a graduate student, you need to apply for the entrance examination of the graduate school of agriculture. Please read the instructions for applicants.

For Post-doctoral Scholars

We also welcome post-doctoral researchers from all countries as long as their research interests clearly fit the research agenda of our laboratory. As a post-doctoral scholar, you are expected have an ability to work independently as well as to interact with other scientists. During your stay, postdoctoral scholars will be expected to contribute to the ongoing research projects in our laboratory. Areas of particular interest recent years include community planning, land use regulation, wildlife damage management, biomass utilization, rural resource management strategy. International comparisons of these topics are welcome.

* General Information for International Scholars